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We are a small, but fast-growing company in the digital marketing industry. Our goal is to make marketing more efficient and effective for our clients by using the latest techniques and tools available to us. We don't just do social media management or content marketing. We bring your business to life through the magic of digital marketing.

Whether you are overwhelmed by your marketing efforts or just plain tired of being stuck in the shadows, at TASKVA we can help get you visible so you can get back to growing your business.

That's us in a nutshell!

So who are we?


Behind The Curtain...



Co-Founder & CEO

I am dedicated to leveraging my experience and expertise to helping you grow your business.

As CEO and your expert Virtual Marketing Assistant at TASK Virtual Assistant, LLC, I am dedicated to leveraging my experience and expertise to help you grow your business.

I have been known to wear many hats and have over 25 years' experience in Business and Office Management and Technology. Before TASKVA, I worked for 12 years as a marketing specialist and account manager with a prestigious cosmetic company, Estee Lauder. After a successful career helping small, independent retailers, I now redirect that knowledge to support small business owners and entrepreneurs so they can focus on growing their businesses.
But trust me, I'm not all work and no play; even though I love what I do so much, it feels like play. When I'm not tackling your chaos, writing, or researching, you'll find me playing in the garden, making a mess in my kitchen, or enjoying a nice glass of vintage red wine.



Co-Founder & CTO

I keep TaskVA running as its optimum best!

Hi Everyone! I'm Sung, the other co-founder and CTO (Chief Technical Officer) at TASK Virtual Assistant, LLC.
I like to stay behind the scenes and consult on all things technical when called upon. I bring 20+ years of technical and systems experience to help keep TASKVA running at its optimum best!  I focus on the underlying factors such as redundant or needless tasks, overly complicated processes, outdated technology, etcetera,  etcetera,  etcetera. And I fix them. 😊
I am a true lover of technology and am always checking out the latest and greatest; some maybe not so great. When I step away from technology, you can usually find me tinkering with things (fixing that which isn't broke) and woodworking.



The Real CEO

I love hearing from you!

Hi everyone! I'm Stumpers, the real CEO of TaskVA and I oversee all the activities here at TASKVA.
I ignite passion within the team to keep them motivated, and I maintain the newsletter CEO Q&A Corner. I just love getting all your questions and interacting with you. Have a question or comment? Please don't keep it to yourself. Feel free to ask me anything in the CEO's Q&A - I'll answer! I love hearing from you!


Submit your questions and comments via email at newsletter@thetaskva.com, on our Facebook, page, or contact us on our website.

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Meagan McGough Owner McGough Academy

Tammy is a Rockstar! She handles complex problems and does not stop until the project is completed perfectly. Always pleasant and possesses an all-encompassing business knowledge. I would absolutely hire her again for my next job at the McGough Academy!

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Joan Buckley Virginia Beach, VA Realtor Long and Foster Website

As a Realtor, I understand the importance of maintaining an engaging social media presence. I just didn’t have the time for it. I started working with Tammy from the beginning (I am the #1 contract!). She truly listens to her clients and makes recommendations that make sense for your business!! Not only did she help teach me everything I needed to know about managing my social media accounts, she helped me grow my organic reach on Facebook.

I’m so thankful to have her as an extension of my business and a part of my team!! I HIGHLY recommend her! If you are looking for some social media help, call Tammy at TheTaskVA !!

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Heidi Bailey Real Estate Sales The Laughton Team

Tammy is extremely knowledgeable about the brand and products. She has impeccable organizational skills, and a passion for business and brand building. Tammy knows her priorities and has a sense of urgency to get the job done.

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Meredith Epstein-Goodman New York Executive Director, Corporate Education

I found Tammy to be extremely responsive and flexible and willing/able to adapt to many of the overall structural changes that the overarching team was experiencing. At one point in our working together, my marketing team was required to take over budget responsibility on something for which Tammy was intimately involved. Tammy helped to create an organized view of all of the information that my team needed to know in order to properly accept this responsibility. In addition, Tammy is lovely to work with - she is a positive person and mature colleague who put so much effort into everything she does.

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Barbara Maguire New York Executive Director, Account Manager - Military

Tammy Rourk was a valued team member for many years. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of our military customer helped to grow our business and support to our special customer. She is dedicated, a team player, and always professional!

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