cybersecurity for kids

Cybersecurity For Kids

cybersecurity for kids

Cybersecurity For Kids

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Your children need protection from the lurkers and hackers in cyberspace. With more schools shifting to online learning, almost all kids now have access to the internet. Parents should be actively involved in teaching their children safe cybersecurity habits.

Most kids who access the internet are not careful enough when giving out personal information online. They don't realize the risks and dangers of having their confidential and personal information online. From viruses to hackers to identity thieves, these people are lurking in cyberspace, waiting for that opportunity. I can only stress the importance of cybersecurity for kids.

There are several ways to help teach your children the proper methods of accessing, behaving, and protecting themselves online. The most common areas your children go on the web are social network sites where they have online profiles, photos, and keep online journals. Explain the dangers of accepting online friend invites, especially if they don't know the person.

cybersecurity for kids

It's important to remember that you are not just adding that one person; you get the "friends of friends" spiral. When you add someone as a friend, their friends will also have viewing access, and, if the settings are not locked down, they will also be able to comment. Most of the time, your kids won't even know these people, and now, if they choose, these individuals can gain access to your kid's personal information. Use the privacy and/or parental controls on the social media apps your kid's access. Many are interactive and easy to set up.

Put their computer in a high-profile area, such as a kitchen, where one or more people are always there. Setting them up in the main traffic area allows you to monitor their browsing activities more easily or encourage them to ask questions. They can call your attention to their monitor if they want to ask questions or show you something. It also discourages them from visiting lewd and otherwise undesirable websites.

cybersecurity for kids

These websites are not only inappropriate but are also a breeding ground of malware, spyware, and virus applications that can destroy files, the computer, and even other devices on your network. It's best to be proactive and use controlling mechanisms like content blockers that prohibits them from accessing certain websites and a monitoring application, so you can review what sites they are visiting.

Talk to your children about what they can do online. Get them to engage in a healthy conversation about what they do online, and to let you know if anything seems off. Help them to develop good online habits to ensure their safety online. Teach them the pros and cons of social networking, online file sharing, and even software piracy and illegal downloads. Increasing their knowledge and understanding of the technology of computers and the internet and cybersecurity is arming them with the best protective gear.

cybersecurity for kids

Keep in mind that children are naturally curious. Their innocence, and their desire to be independent, can cause them to be careless. Ordinary safeguards are not enough when it comes to protecting your kids in cyberspace. You need to know what your kid's computer habits are so you can better protect them.

Establish a Great Home Environment for Success

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People read about having a great work environment or an atmosphere at work for success. But if your environment at home is less than optimal, this can affect your work, no matter how great your work environment is.

If you often find yourself fighting with your spouse, or you are constantly yelling at your kids, you may want to refocus your energies and try to rectify what is going on. Your conditions at home are going to affect you in every other aspect of your life. This couldn't be truer today as COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has started a new norm with so many businesses having their employees work from home. This may require some outside assistance, but the first step is recognizing what problems are occurring and try to use that knowledge to come up with a better way.

For some people, there just is no better way. If two people were simply not meant to be, the right choice for them might be to go their separate ways. But even before doing that, it may be worth trying to save the relationship.

Another way to turn around a difficult home situation is to get more involved in what your family is doing. It could be that you’ve been working too many hours, and they are getting frustrated with not being able to see you. Remember, people can find new jobs. It’s really difficult to find new families.

If you have been one to skip vacations instead of work, you should stop doing that. Take your vacations. That’s why companies give them to people. They realize that vacations can be good for employees so you should not feel guilty about taking them yourself. There are sometimes valid reasons not to take a vacation due to a work situation. But it should be postponed, not cancelled entirely.

Consider taking up new hobbies and learning activities with your family. Perhaps you can start hiking to learn more about the area you live in. If you have never taken your family camping, now could be a great time to do so. These kinds of activities can be a great way to reconnect and mend up any tense home situations. Bonus points if you unplug during the camping trip, or any other family activity you choose to do.

Having a happy home environment is going to do wonders for your work. You will burn out less because you have the support of your family, and you will see your productivity soar! It will make you want to be home on weekends and after work. It will reflect well on all of your family members as well.

Family Resurgence – Don’t I Know You?

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Family Resurgence – Don’t I Know You?


Like most of our Country, and Worldwide alike, I have been glued to the reports about COVID-19 both on the news programs as well as scrolling through social media. The logical part of me says “Stop the madness! Turn the TV off, put the phone down!” I know we are in a devasting situation, but it’s not as dire as it could be, because we are doing the right thing. Focusing on keeping hospitals operable and slowing the spread. Simple right? But then there is the emotional side of me that wants to board up my windows, stay inside, and if I have to step out, make sure I’m completely covered in plastic wrap and wear a gas mask – yeah, I sort of have a flair for the dramatic ?

The more I assess the situation, from a reasonable, logical, sprinkled-with-just-a-tad-emotion, point of view, the more I can’t help but think, “Why not make the best of a bad situation”? A post from sun-gazing.com states exactly what I’m talking about, life did not get cancelled.


I’m sure most of you are rolling your eyes and saying, “Ok Tammy, if you have all these answers, tell us how we grab the silver lining around this dark cloud.” I plan on doing just that! My suggestion is this – Family Time!  I grew up in an era of family time – family dinners at the table, games, conversations, and I always smile when I look back. My heart fills with gladness that I grew up when I did. So, what are some of the things YOU can do to bring back that wonderful era?

Family Dinner – make it a priority. Many localities are closing restaurants and gathering places. Bring your family back to the dining table for dinner. Cell phones and other devices stay in their rooms – not allowed at the table. Enjoy what your family has to say. And, everyone should have a part, from setting the table to removing the dishes, and cleaning up. By the way, this isn’t limited to just families. If you are in a roommate situation, or a couple, dinner together creates a unity of closeness.

Games and Puzzles – play a board game, or card game. Into jigsaw puzzles? They are truly my favorite! Find something in common, or dare to try something new, just get the whole clan in on the fun!

Start a family challenge – this could be sharing positive quotes or going a day without saying anything negative. Exercise challenges. Coming up with the best dinner ideas. A scavenger hunt! The list goes on and on, get creative!

Movie Night – most of us have some form of movies available to us, be it through cable pay-per-view, or a monthly subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc., and the cost of renting a movie through these channels run anywhere from $2.99 to $7.99 – one time charge! That’s a huge savings for a family of four going to the movies, where the cost of a ticket averages $15.00 per person! Still not convinced? Think about how much more enjoyable it will be to watch the movie at home. Make some popcorn, put some blankets on the floor, or everyone snuggle up on the couch. Oh, another plus – you can pause the movie for a bathroom break – you won’t miss a thing! Rules? Same as family dinner – cell phones and other devices are not allowed!

There are so many ways you can embrace this time. Check out this fantastic idea I found on Facebook this morning:


I can’t think of any better way to beat this negative situation than by bringing back family time. Having actual in-person time promotes actual conversations. Maybe you’ll discover some amazing things about each other! And don’t forget to include your furbabies when coming up with ideas.