The Art of Sacrifice

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The negative connotation connected to sacrifice can be linked back centuries. Even most definitions scream SACRIFICE IS BAD. Upon utilizing the almighty Google, the very first definition is about living sacrifices for religious purposes. Well, I can promise you the sacrifice I want to talk about has nothing to do with throwing poor innocent women into a bubbling volcano for the sake of appeasing the ancient gods.

The Law of Sacrifice is very simple: In order to get what you want, you have to give something. Success is measured by the individual wanting to succeed. However, there is no success without small sacrifices, sometimes big, along the way. Let’s talk about the most common sacrifices.

Time Is The Number One Sacrifice Made

It is often the first. Trying to succeed in college? You are sacrificing time spent playing Call of Duty or going to that house party. Need success in business? You may miss out on the office birthday party or even sleep. This doesn’t necessarily mean you become boring and undependable. I talked a lot about time in a previous article, so I won’t repeat myself, but priority is key in all things.


If you are trying to save for a house or vacation, you will probably sacrifice your daily coffee from that super hip coffeehouse or pack your lunch. Maybe you won’t use your weekly budget on that great pair of shoes or floor tickets to that basketball game. All these small sacrifices will lead to something better in the long run right? Seriously.... needing validation as I sip my Folgers this morning.


It feels good to have a steady paycheck and steady working hours. However, the greatest successes start with the most uncertainty. To reach a goal you will sacrifice this warm blanket of income and insurance for highs, lows, and a lot of faith. This sacrifice is truly the hardest to make and the bravest. Having a great support system will be imperative.

Remember sacrifice is not evil, and it will change over to time. Give up something good now for something even better. You can do this, and TASKVA is here to help along the way.

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