Find Out How to Take Control of Your Network and Keep Your Accounting Business Compliant and Safe from Internet Bad Guys


You'll Learn:

✔ Best Password practices

✔ Easy-to-understand security settings for your router

✔ Malware fully explained

✔ “Security” software to avoid

✔ How you can protect yourself and your business

Cybersecurity Starts With You

Every single year, about 70% of the US population experiences SOME form of cyber-attack. The truth is, 99% of computers ARE vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Furthermore, approximately 68% of funds lost as a result of cyber-attacks are declared unrecoverable.

If you rely on your computer, smartphone, iPad, tablet, or any other device you connect to the Internet, then it is crucial that you fully understand the threats you face and how they work.

This course offers easy-to-understand Cybersecurity tips to ensure your online environment is safe and secure.

UNDERSTAND the threats and how they work, LEARN how to protect yourself, your business, your clients, and your family, and IDENTIFY malicious links, websites, emails, etc.

Everyone here has the same goal: Keep your identity safe and sound. Do you feel secure? Take our quiz and discover your cybersecurity IQ!

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