High-Touch Customer Care

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High-Touch Customer Care


Gary Vaynerchuk, serial entrepreneur and one of the most sought after public speakers today, has stated that the best marketing strategy ever is to simply care, and high-touch marketing shows that you care.

High Touch, as defined by yourdictionary.com, is dealing with or interacting with a human being as opposed to transacting with computers or high-tech. High-touch marketing focuses on the human interaction, dealing with or interacting with your customers as human beings in a personal and empathetic way using low-tech methods.

High-touch marketing involves ensuring that you increase the human factor in all your marketing efforts. Even though most of your business may be conducted online today, your customers still value social interaction, and because of this fact, high-touch marketing methods can be the differentiator for your business.

As a small business owner, there is one thing that can set your business apart from the giant multinational corporations - the individual care you can give a customer. You can offer a better experience to your customers because you understand the buyers’ journey and how it relates to what you can offer them at that point in terms of products and education.

High-touch marketing consists of creating hyper-personalized experiences for your best customers.

Customers value experiences today more than ever in the history of humans. The great thing is that you can do that more easily because, as a small business owner, you are able to personalize the customer experience, individually. The hard part is developing that experience, virtually.

With many in a lockdown environment due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, online businesses and websites now have a more attentive audience. You want to be careful with how you nurture that audience; finding the correct balance to keeping their attention, without coming across as a used-car salesman.

Customers Want to Feel Special

The higher value customer experience will translate into your customers feeling like VIPs.

When customers feel like very important people, they are more willing to pay more for that upgraded experience. People will pay for value and feeling special makes them feel important.

High-touch marketing creates excitement and passion because they are getting more of what they really want from you. That means the customer is likely to stick with you long term, thus increasing your lifetime earnings from each new customer acquisition. And, as you develop more trust through your actions, your customers will transform into advocates for your brand.

The most important marketing skill you have is to listen to your customers

Really get to know your customer.  Read all correspondence between your business and the customer. Take notes about their problems, issues, and happiness. Fill in the information in your client file as you discover it.

Using your customer files, try to create a full profile for each of your top customers that include their name, demographics, family information, purchase history, communication history, social media profiles, websites, and more. The more information you can find that is relevant to your offerings, the better.

Do make sure to set a schedule for learning about your top customers, as doing this can be remarkably interesting but quite time-consuming. Remember that this type of marketing is in addition to what you are already doing and not instead of what you are already doing.

Create personalized interactive communities for your VIP customers to join. Really bring the conversation with your best customers to a new level by inviting them to your VIP group that is included in the price of the special unique offering you submitted to them. You can tell them before or after, the critical aspect is that you bring your clients closer to you so that you can help them more and they can learn more. The more open you are, and the more they learn from you, the more likely they are to become the brand advocates you need.

Another way to get to know your customer is through their websites. Once you have their names and information from the shopping cart data, you will want to figure out what you know about them. Find their websites if they have them based on the information you can find in your system. If they do not have websites because they are not business owners too, that’s okay. You can find out information by who they follow and the sites they like to visit.

Social Media is Not a One-Way Virtual Street...

Friend/Follow their social media using the information that you find in your shopping cart data, as well as your autoresponder data, determine what their social media accounts are. Ensure that you follow or friend them based on the information they have given to you. If you discover that you do not have that much information on them, see if you can find them following you on your social media platforms so you can follow them back. If not, invite them to follow you so you can follow them back.

Follow Up! Follow Up! Follow Up!

Send a Thank You Note whenever someone spends a substantial amount of money with you. Thank you notes via email may not really cut it as much as they do for most of your customers. You should reach out with a handwritten note or card to let them know you are thankful.

Following up is as easy as 1-2-3:

1 Day after the sale/service – Send a Thank you

2 weeks later – call or email to see how things are going; ask if they have any questions about the product/service

3 months after the sale/service – Send them a Personalized offering

High-touch marketing is personalized marketing methods that provide a lot of human touchpoints and can easily be incorporated into your business model by:

More Segmentation – The more you can segment your audience, the better. Using the technology to break down your customers into smaller, more personalized groups will help you develop the right offers as well as content to market those offers.

Extreme Personalization – With extreme personalization, it can’t be automated. This is going to include doing things just for one customer at a time. For example, sending a thank you note in the mail after they order.

Personal Phone Calls – Give your buyers a call after they make a purchase to thank them and offer your personal help.  Most of the time, you’ll end up leaving a message, but they’ll still feel super special getting a call of thanks from you.

Relationship Building – Find out who your top five customers are and focus on following them on social media and interacting with them more. You can also send surveys to incorporate technology in helping build the relationships closer.

Customized Packages and Offers – Figure out who your top ten customers are, look at what they have purchased in the past, and develop a special offer that is just for them. Talk to them and let them tell you what they want, then give it to them. We’ll do a deep dive into customer offerings next week.

Ultimately, high-touch marketing is all about super personalized marketing that provides a way for you to include your unique human touch in all your marketing and product creations for your customers - all of them, not just the top ten.

Incorporating high-touch marketing into your business model is going to grow your business and your bottom line like nothing before it. It is truly a win-win for you and your customers.

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